Amy Adams Kicked Off Today Show for ‘Acting Belligerent’

The Sony hacked e-mails revealed Amy Adams’ and Jennifer Lawrence’s got less for starring roles than Bradley Cooper in American Hustle, even though Jennifer Lawrence had more name recognition. So, when Adams went on Today show to promote her new movie, Big Eyes, Today wanted to ask her about it. Adams had other ideas.

A source said, “Amy said she didn’t want to contribute to the media coverage of it . . . then she was abruptly told that her interview with ‘Today’ was canceled. She was shocked and upset.”

But every story has two sides. Matt Lauer and the cronies at Today said Adams “was angry and acting belligerent, she was yelling at ‘Today’ producers, and reduced a young female staffer to tears.”

Adams should have gone ahead with the interview, stuck her fingers in her ears and gone “la la la la la”. Spoiler: that gets you out of every crappy situation. Try it next time the girlfriend argues with you.

To be fair, Bradley Cooper recently went on Today but no one asked him about those salary differences. Well, obviously. It’s because women are expendable in Hollywood. Thought everyone knew this.

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9 years ago

That’s not true! Actually she was acting belligerent because, the Today show cancels her appearance because she wouldn’t talk about the “Sony Hack”