Ariana Grande Forces Staff to Carry Her Like A Baby When She’s Tired of Walking

File this latest news under ‘celebrity entitlement’. Ariana Grande now reaches new heights in douchery.

“Her new rule is that she has to be carried — literally carried like a baby — when she doesn’t feel like walking. She says that she doesn’t want her precious feet to hit the floor,” says a source, who witnessed the 21-year-old get a lift from her staff while filming her latest music video and again at rehearsals for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Everyone was stunned,” the source tells Life & Style. “Ariana is such a diva.”

Ariana Grande acts like a diva so much that even Mariah Carey probably just shakes her head. This must be part of Grande’s plan to revert back to a full-on, tit-sucking baby. How else do you explain getting carried around at 21 and talking like a widdle baby during sex?

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