Cameron Diaz Engaged to Benji Madden

Looks like there’s one less aging 40-something bachelorette off the celebrity shelves. Cameron Diaz, 42, plans to wed tattooed rocker dude Benji Madden, 35, sometime early next year. No details yet on the E! wedding special, the price tag on their first-born’s photos or the scripted reality show. Rest assured they’ll come.

The ever-present inside source gave Life & Style Magazine the lowdown:

“Cameron has told close friends that she can really see herself settling down with Benji,” an insider close to the actress tells the mag. “She’s been boasting to pals that she’s never had sexual chemistry with anyone like she has with Benji.”

Cameron’s sexual chemistry? Umm, ok, gross. Must mean Benji got used to Cameron’s body odor.

All eyes now turn to 45-year old Jennifer Aniston, who still hasn’t married, although somehow carrying around gravity-free tits.

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9 years ago

If she’s marrying for sexual chemistry that marriage is doomed, since that never lasts, no matter what your partner looks like.