You Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online Now

Praise be to the fat gods, the Girl Scouts are making their cookies available online. No longer do you have to solicit young children outside of a grocery store. The judge in your case will be so pleased!

Previously, the organization had banned the online sales of their legalized crack. Their stance has since softened and they’ll now be allowing the sales of their Thin Mints and other treats through a platform called Digital Cookie.

“Digital Cookie will also allow customers to help girls learn 21st-century skills grounded in technology, along with valuable interpersonal skills girls will acquire through their continued participation in traditional booth and door to door sales,” the organization said.

The reason for their own distribution channel is because they don’t want parents with tech skills to give their kids an unfair advantage.  In my opinion, they should have allowed it. An increase in women in STEM fields as scouts learn programming to gain an edge in the sales of cookies? A future Girl Scout Cookie Silk Road? Think of the possibilities.

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