Cards Against Humanity’s Boxes of Bullshit Were Actually Boxes of Bullshit

To protest Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity removed every item from their site and in their place put a $6 box of bullshit up for sale. They made it pretty clear that the box was actually a box of bullshit. That didn’t stop people from buying it hoping for something else. By day’s end, they had cleared all 30,000 of their inventory.

Over the past week, the orders were delivered. In the boxes? Poop. Yea, I’m not sure what everyone was expecting. Especially when Cards of Humanity founder Max Temkin said as much.

There were even unboxing videos for the dried poop. This guy held on to whatever sliver of hope he had left that there was maybe something special in the poop.

Yea, no. Still just poop.

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