Christina Aguilera Calls Mickey Mouse an ‘Asshole’ in Disneyland Tantrum

The ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ turned into a nightmare for whichever $8 an hour worker put on the Mickey Mouse costume recently. Christina Aguilera visited Disneyland to celebrate her 34th birthday and naturally, wanted a picture with Mickey Mouse.

Turns out Mickey needed to go on a break right around that time. Shocking! You mean Mickey Mouse can’t stand around for 8 hours straight in the sun? TMZ fills in the rest:

Aguilera lost it, and called Mickey an “a**hole.” We’re told she even dropped the dreaded, “Do you know who I am?”

Xtina’s crew started hurling threats, we’re told … and Mickey had to be ushered to a safe zone — out of public view. Security was called, but by the time they arrived … the former Mouseketeer had already split.

Oh boo hoo. Celebrity entitlement. Sorry Christina, not even Mickey Mouse can stand your attitude and he’s a pretty happy guy. Mickey should’ve taken that four-fingered white claw and flipped her the bird. Then thrown mouse turd at her while shouting ‘Happy Birthday b*tch!”

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