Jamie Lynn Spears Pulls Knife after Friend Gets Jumped at Pita Pit

When did Britney Spears’ baby sister go gangsta?? Jamie Lynn Spears and a friend visited a Pita Pit, of all places, in Hammond, Louisiana last weekend. Someone cracked her friend upside the head with a bottle and Jamie Lynn went into full-on survival mode. According to sources, she dragged her friend behind the sandwich counter, grabbed a bread knife and waved it around to stop anything else from happening.

Damn, that’s something straight out of an action movie. Did she ask someone to hold her hoop earrings also? Turns out Jamie Lynn’s the tough one in the family. Britney might’ve fallen to the ground and started whimpering in the fetal position. It helps during fights sometimes to come off as pathetic as possible. It’s the sympathy factor.

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