Miley Cyrus Requires Photo Approval

At her performance in Raleigh on Wednesday night, Miley Cyrus told photographers that she needed final approval on the photos they took before publication.

“Miley will need to approve the photography before they are released,” said the email. “Please have them send links to me following the show and she will approve them [ASAP] that night.”

She was wearing a silver thong onsie with silver nipple pasties that night. Miley probably wanted to check for slippage. Much like I do when photogs take my picture. I want to make sure they get the ones with my penis hanging out. It really brings out my eyes.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
9 years ago

Capt. Cornhole says: She’s looking more and more like a tranny. Tranny or not, it would be such a hoot to see her getting face painted by several guys.