Nikki Minaj Trots Out Drake, Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne for ‘Only’ Video

It’s true what they say, find your niche. Well, Nikki Minaj wants to corner the market on sex. First, she came out with the absurd ‘Anaconda’ video. Now, Drake, Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne join her in an underground, S&M, Eyes Wide Shut type deal.

Drake and Lil’ Wayne rap about how they’d f**k Minaj. FYI: Minaj would let them ‘eat her ass like a cupcake’. With sprinkles? Hopefully, the sprinkles don’t turn out to be flecks of leftover, unwiped poo.

Chris Brown doesn’t rap about fucking Minaj though. He’s too busy dressed up like Powder from the Powder movie, if Powder had creepy contacts and a gold grill. At least this concept works better than the Nazi imagery she used in the lyric video for the song.

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