Rosario Dawson May Have Adopted a 12-Year-Old Girl

Page Six claims Rosario Dawson adopted a 12-year-old girl in October. She’s been planning on doing this for a while now. Dawson herself was adopted when she was 1.

“That idea has stayed in the back of my head, but lately, I’ve been thinking about it more,” the “Top Five” star told the mag, explaining, “My mother and grandmother are extraordinary women, and they’re getting older. It struck me recently that one day I might be sitting around with my children, going, ‘Your grandma was an amazing woman; I really wish you could’ve known her.’ . . . Whatever time I have, I want it.”

Oh, sure. When Rosario Dawson adopts a 12-year-old, she’s showered with praise. When I adopt a 12-year-old, it’s all, “You can’t go near schools again!” Hypocrites.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
9 years ago

Capt. Cornhole says: I love the cock-sucker on this woman. That and she’s admitted she loves a good cornhole workout!