Scott Stapp Thinks He’s CIA, Threatens to Assassinate Obama. This Won’t End Well

Lead singer Scott Stapp left Creed and found a new occupation as a resident wacko. He recently went on a 15-minute Facebook ramble about living broke and penniless at a Holiday Inn and had a psych hold put on him in early November. Now, he’s outdone all that.

His wife and sister-in-law frantically called 911 last month and told them that Stapp was riding shirtless around town on a bicycle. No, that’s not why they called, but it should be a close second.

Why did they call? Oh, nothing major. Just that he thinks he’s part of the CIA, that the CIA wants to kill him and his job is to assassinate Obama. Someone’s getting a visit from the Secret Service. That is, if Secret Service can catch up to Stapp riding around town on his bicycle. Listen to the 911 call at TMZ.

Stapp’s wife, Jaclyn Stapp, also mentioned he printed out 400-600 pages of CIA documents that he was carrying around in a book bag. Evidently, Scott Stapp has not heard the term ‘leaving a paper trail’.

With police in route, Scott made his own 911 call and said he was only riding around on his bike because his wife took the car. The car that he needed to drive to go complete his mission.  When police got there, they interviewed Stapp and didn’t feel he exhibited enough signs of mental wackiness to book him.

So now, Stapp is free to go ride his bike from Florida to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and do the CIA’s bidding.

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