‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actor Salutes Series Finale by Killing, Eating Ex’s Pet Rabbit

Dimitri Diatchenko, an actor with roles in Sons of Anarchy, Bones and recently, 2 Broke Girls, gave his ex-girlfriend and current roommate, quite an unwelcome surprise. Diatchenko took her pet rabbit and skinned, cooked and ate it. Not only that, he sent her step-by-step pictures while he did his best Gordon Ramsay imitation. Uh huh. Allow NY Daily News to explain further:

Diatchenko, 46, still lived with his ex, although they broke up months ago. She recently told him they should no longer room together.

On Sunday, while she was out of the house, he killed her rabbit and documented it on camera, police said.

The crime mimicked a famous scene from the 1987 film “Fatal Attraction,” where Glenn Close’s character boils her lover’s daughter’s pet rabbit.

Wow, this is a bit extreme. All because she didn’t want to room together. What happened to dishes on the bed or saran wrap on the toilet seat? She should get a new toothbrush. For SURE he stuck it up his butt.

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