‘Undercover Boss’ Graciously Offers New Boobs to Waitress

Who says television can’t uplift the human spirit? A recent episode of Undercover Boss ended with Doug Guller, CEO of Texas-based Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, offering an employee named Grace the chance to lead the company’s new marketing efforts as a ‘Bikinis promo girl’. And wait for it…new tits! Congratulations flat-chested beer server, now you have dem fake titties you wanted.

The CEO made the generous offer, and Grace happily accepted it. ‘Murica! Guller said at the end of the show to Grace:

If you can make it through six months and you’re a rockstar…I’ll gonna put you in touch with the best guy in town and we’ll make it happen.

*cue dramatic music* Grace hopefully went inside the bathroom and did a nice jig while singing ‘I got dem tiiiities, I got dem tiiiities’. Because benefits.

It’s surprising the CEO didn’t also slap Grace on the ass and tell her to ‘git back to work’.

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