Blake Lively Gave Birth and Surprise, It Might Have a Name

Still can’t get over the fact that Ryan Reynolds gets to put his pee-pee inside Blake Lively? Well, this might make you feel better. A living, slime-covered mutant sac of monstrosity that will someday transform into the most beautiful creature combining the powerful, model-like DNA of both Lively and Reynolds passed through Lively’s no doubt rose-smelling birth canal.

Jezebel reports a rumor that the couple welcomed a daughter named Violet. This after a supposed Westchester Hospital worker tweeted out the news…

Blake Lively Baby Name Violet Rumor 01

…then quickly deleted the tweet, and changed their user name.

Blake Lively Baby Name Violet Rumor 02

Whatever the baby’s name is, a modeling contract awaits her. Along with a lifetime supply of cocaine.

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