Channing Tatum’s YouTube Playlist includes Sex Jam Mix and Bareknuckle Fight

If ever there was a bro, Channing Tatum is it. When you look at his favorited YouTube’s playlist, it fits him so well. One YouTube user holds the same name, ‘poeticalmotion’, as C-Tate’s e-mail which the recent Sony hack uncovered. ‘Poeticalmotion’ also has friended Mark Ruffalo on Google+, Tatum’s co-star in Foxcatcher . So what does C-Tate’s like on YouTube? Four videos and four videos only.

A 45-minute sex jam, Jodeci’s “Come and Talk to Me”, a parkour video and a bareknuckle fight. This is like tapping into bro DNA and extracting the very essence of that species. Watch these videos, dive into the YouTube associated videos rabbit hole and begin the bro acculturation process.

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