Charlotte McKinney Bares All for Carl’s Jr. Commercial

Kate who? You may remember Kate Upton from last year’s Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial. In case you were in a drunken stupor, relive it now.

But that was 2012. Model years are like dog years, it’s seven years for every one human year. Marketing needed another big-titted, blonde-haired beauty. Enter Charlote McKinney, the one everybody has crowned the next Kate Upton.

McKinney filmed a just-released Super Bowl ad for Carl’s Jr. She walks around naked with well-placed fruits, veggies and other objects to hide her ass and bewbs. Ass and bewbs, ass and bewsb! Say that out loud right now. You’ll sound retarded.

The Orlando-born bombshell has been rapidly moving up the modeling ladder. She went from Terry Richardson photos┬áto Carl’s Jr. and perhaps we’ll see some leaked titty pics soon from her a la Kate Upton. Then she’ll have made it.

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