Chris Brown Rushed Offstage After Almost Getting Shot

We nearly lost one of hip-hop’s leading lights, Chris Brown. S**t, guess there’s always next time. Brown performed at the Fiesta Club in San Jose, California for the “Capricorn Bash”, apparently some sort of birthday celebration in connection with local radio station KMEL.

Brown was in the middle of singing “Loyal” when some sort of commotion broke up. At first, Brown didn’t know what was going on saying “oh, them n*ggas gettin’ it in over there”. Then came the gunshots. That’s when security rushed him off the stage.

Chaos broke out and everybody crashed to the floor. General panic when more gunshots rang out. Maybe the shooters really, really loved the song? The video shows what to expect at a Chris Brown performance: gunshots, lots of screaming and crawling around on broken glass.

Five people ended up getting shot, but all survived. Brown didn’t get hit, but earned some street cred. Here’s a hint: next time you go to a concert and the performer needs twenty people surrounding them for protection, you JUST might want to take extra precautions.

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