Cop ‘Shakes It Off’ While Lip-Syncing Taylor Swift’s Song

If you’re cooped up for 8 hours a day in a small space, you would go crazy too. This Dover, Delaware police officer breaks out his best lip-sync rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” complete with hand shakes and head bobs. He only stops when pedestrians or other drivers glance over, then he quickly goes back to normal, before starting up again.

More amusing than when Victoria’s Secret Angels lip-synced the same song, but way less sexy. He should definitely patrol the rougher parts of town bobbing and gesturing like this. No doubt it would go over well.

And yes, her Highness Taylor Swift loved the video, tweeting out “LOLOLOLOL THE SASS”. One “LOL” would’ve sufficed, but we’ll shake it off.

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