Douchebags Prank Pizza Delivery Guy Then Cruelly Abuse Him

Anyone who’s ever worked in the service industry knows rude people exist. When rude people screw over hard-working employees for no reason though, they deserve itchy anuses for eternity.

In this video, the douchebags at F&R Autos Sales in Westport, Massachusetts, dick over a delivery driver named Jarrid Tansey. The Palace Pizza delivery guy had just dropped off pizza and drinks at the dealership. Total charge: $42. The employees at F&R Auto Sales fork over $50 to Tansey, two twenties and two fives. Then the douchery begins.

In the video, Tansey says he confirmed that they wanted to give the whole $50, and then left with what he assumed was a $7-and-change tip.

However, the dealership then called the pizza place back and forced him to return the $7-and-change, and he was left without a tip, leading to the heated conversation on video.

Tansey surprisingly keeps his cool telling them “I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here.” Points for the delivery driver, penalty on the douchebag dealership. The employees there say s**t like “So listen: The manager apologized once for you. Do you want him to apologize again for you?” and “Out the door before I put my foot in your ass”.

If there was stamp, it’d be pressed onto the dealership with the words “Dick Move”. F&R Auto Sales’ owner and son apologized in person to Palace Pizza. Likely because the Internet retribution has started.

People have bombarded the dealership’s Yelp and Google pages with nonsensical reviews and crashed their website servers. Someone even started a GoFundMe page for the delivery driver which has raised almost $20,000. Kudos to the Internet for recognizing the douchery of these people. May they be struck down with uncontrollable urges to pee during inopportune moments.

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