Drake Confronts Comedian Onstage Who Did a Drake Impersonation

Drake, the sensitive hip-hop star. Not a surprise when you start off like this:

Anyway, last night in L.A., comedian Red Grant did a set at the Comedy Store and threw in some Drake impersonations. Lo and behold, Drake was in the audience and was not impressed by his performance. Hopping onstage, Drake went buck wild and beat the boy down.

Nah, he good-naturedly ribbed Grant saying “What the f**k impression is that? Who is that.” Adding “That was like some Omarion, Chris Brown together s**t. That’s not me, man.”

The key to any good Drake impression: look like you’re about to cry at any second. Not a surprise considering he wrote lyrics like “You could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice.” Mmmm…pizza.

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