‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Hits Your Eyeballs for the First Time

Without comic book superheroes, would Hollywood even have any business left? Every week, it’s another superhero trailer hitting the Internets. Only superheroes have sticking power, much like that greasy poo you can’t wipe off. Fantastic Four‘s trailer arrived and the explosions are at a minimum. The trailer seems to be less superhero-ey than normal. Less fighting, less explosions, more foretelling and mood setting.

Fox Studios did put an Easter egg in the trailer though. Slash Film, via Reddit, points out:

…there’s an Easter egg hidden in the trailer! At 0:45, the IP address can be seen onscreen. Enter that into your browser, and it’ll take you to one of several pages about Latveria — a fictional Eastern European country ruled by Victor Von Doom.

Fantastic Four comes out August 7th, 2015. Summers usually are reserved for staring at girls on the beach behind dark sunglasses. Guess this one will be all about the superheroes.

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