John Travolta Explains His Late Night Gym Cruising

If John Travolta would just come clean about his preferences, he might sleep better at night. Days ago, Travolta took a pic with a fellow gym-goer (a guy of course) at 3am in the morning. Because that’s what people do at gyms in the middle of the night. At least Travolta wasn’t ashamed about his hairline, since the photo showed him without his toupee and his balding crown in all its glory. He still can’t admit to his gayness and fondness for massages though. He tells Access Hollywood that he hits the gym at night because of his young kids and busy schedule.

I’m a father. They still want me to play with them at a level of a much younger man. So, in order to stay healthy, that’s what I do. I play tennis every day and I lift weights. I just take vitamins and try to keep my health so I can stick around for them.

VItamins and weights. If that’s code for downing liquid protein and lifting dick to his face, then he should outlive us all.

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