Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein Hook Up in New Ad Campaign

Who the hell is buying Calvin Kleins because of Justin Bieber? Evidently, the underwear company thinks that Bieber can move product. They released their newest ads with the king douche looking disinterested like every cool person should. The ads also feature model Lara Stone, who really, is the best thing about this campaign.

This is marketed to the type of woman who fantasizes that slapping Calvin Kleins onto their beer guzzling, pot bellied boyfriend will turn him into a teen star who’ll take her away from her shitty day job. When, in reality, there’ll be tomato sauce stains on his underwear from the pizza he shovels down his throat while he watches football pantless.

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9 years ago

They had to pad his vagina to hide the camel toe.

Eva Jolopi
Eva Jolopi
9 years ago
Reply to  bobalouski

f**k off