Katy Perry Plots Taylor Swift Super Bowl Diss

These two need to settle their beef the old-fashioned way: mud wrestling. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, two of the biggest female stars, have beefed ever since Perry supposedly tried to throw a wrench in Swift’s tour last year by hiring her dancers away. Swift took revenge the only way she knew how. To write a song. That turned into “Bad Blood” off 1989.

Perry won’t take this lying down. She intends to fire a shot across the bow on the biggest stage of the year. Hollywood Life brings us the lowdown:

“Katy is in complete rehearsal mode for her Super Bowl performance, she wants to make it feel like a complete party and something that will be remembered forever,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“She wants to make a statement with her performance and show that she is the biggest female act in the world and she wants to show that to everyone including Taylor, who she has a feud with. In Katy’s eyes, no one can compete on her level,” our source continues.

“Katy will be doing something on stage during her performance that will be directed towards Taylor. She is working on it to be a visual or a lyric related jab,” our insider says.

Better make it epic. Perry should bring out all of Swift’s ex-boyfriends for one huge medley. Perry shouldn’t even perform. It should just be each guy telling the world how Swift is a crazy cat lady and how she makes little cat dollhouses for them.

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