Kendra Wilkinson Makeup Free Looks Very Doable

Underneath every Playboy Playmate lies a fresh-faced young girl waiting to get out. Kendra Wilkinson shed the usual face batter to hit up the gym and keep those glutes tight and firm. A woman’s gotta do something to keep Hank Baskett away from those tranny double-handjobs. But is that what she wants?

According to In Touch Weekly, Kendra hits the bottle pretty often now so she can forget about her crappy marriage.

“She drinks a lot to let off steam,” reveals a source.

“Kendra’s partying again as an escape from the drama,” says the source…

“She’s putting on an act of fixing her marriage,” an insider says of her behavior on shows like ‘Marriage Bootcamp.’ “But when the cameras are off, she collapses with a vodka cocktail and drinks herself to sleep.”

Ahhh, sweet, sweet vodka. Nature’s stress reliever. Hope Kendra doesn’t put out another sex tape because of this.¬†And if she does, let’s hope it’s really, really angry and freaky sex.

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