Man with Two Dicks Wrote a Book about the Double-Dicked Life

You remember the guy with two penises, right? Go here and refresh your memory then come back for exciting dual penis news. Turns out people cannot get over their fascination by a dude with two schlongs. Rightfully so. The double-dick guy who did a Reddit AMA earlier this year now published a book called Double Header: My Life With Two Penises. The guy goes into detail about his sexual adventures and the crappiness that comes from having an additional penis.

In obvious news, Diphallic Dude’s life totally changed according to an interview with Rolling Stone:

I think it’s safe to say that I’m more infamous than I am famous. In the fortune department, I’m more than comfortable financially. Initially, I was browsing “The Meat Market” on Tumblr with my boyfriend, and we laughed about sending a pic or two in to see what they said. It just spiraled out of control from there. There was no legitimate motivation besides seeing if they would react to it. It was really just for laughs. Then as time progressed, some people really connected to me. They felt like I had reached them, specifically.

The Rolling Stone interview will fascinate anyone. For sure. Anytime ‘putting one in front, one in back’ comes into a conversation, it can’t disappoint.

One time, I was with a girl, putting one in front, one in back and during the climax I tore the skin between my penises at the base. It healed without stitches, but it hurt like hell. Another time, I was double-penetrating a guy who was extremely loose in the back end. I’d been hammering them both in for probably an hour or two and he kept baring down which almost pushed them out a few times. Near the end he bared down extremely hard which pushed his inside against me and my right one ended up going at an angle that made it bend and pop out in mid-thrust. The bend hurt almost more than the torn skin. It broke a blood vessel in the right one that took a long time to heal.

Look at you with your measly one penis having the sex with a girl at a time. Meanwhile, some dude’s dicking girls two at a time and moving through them like a conveyor belt. Where’s your torn penis skin?  Time to step up your game, son.

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