Michael Jackson’s Son Hangs with Justin Bieber, Mentored by Floyd Mayweather

Douchebag in the making! That can only describe 17-year old Prince Jackson, son of American royalty and alleged child molester, Michael Jackson. Prince Jackson, according to a NY Post source, lives off a $66,000 per month ‘allowance’ and pretty much does what he pleases. Such is the life when you and your siblings stand to inherit daddy’s $1 billion estate.

Taking lessons from king douchebag, Justin Bieber, Prince hangs with him in the same Calabasas community. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather also reportedly has overseen recording sessions by both, no doubt generously hoping to nurture their talents, and not just bleed money out of them. Hopefully, Money teaches Prince some boxing skills and skips lessons on literacy.

What does a millionaire kid do with his free time? Women and cars.

When not shopping for Maybachs and Rolls-Royces, Prince chases women. Much unlike his father.

In 2013, he dated Remi Alfalah, 16, a Kuwaiti princess.

He kept an ongoing romance with Nikita Bess, 17, whom he presented with a diamond-studded gold promise ring in August.

He and Bess spent a cozy evening together around that time, with her tweeting, “Thank you @princemjjjaxon for watching almost an entire season of The Office with me today.”

The couple called it quits in November.

Mayweather also mentors Prince on women. Riiight, taking notes from a woman beater. Smart.

“‘Money’ has been offering a lot of advice to Prince, including about women,” the source said. “It’s not as if he can turn to his family, because they’ve got their own thing going and they’ve never really had time for Prince, Paris or Blanket anyway.”

All the makings of douchery. There aren’t enough eggs in this world for Bieber and Prince to throw.

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9 years ago

None of that appears to be even remotely true. First, he isn’t hanging with either of these men. He goes to school where he is a straight A student. If he is clubbing we need to report the clubs letting him in . He doesn’t chase “women”. He dates little girls in his class, just two over several years- hardly counts for bad boy behavior. He likes sports and cars like most boys do. He studies martial arts, a good activity. Hangs with his siblings and cousins mostly. Has apparently taken a few family vacations. There was no proof he… Read more »