‘Mortal Kombat’ Star Dead from Overdose

Darren Shahlavi, who appeared in Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Arrow, died of an apparent prescription drug overdose last Wednesday. The 42-year old began training in martial arts at age 7 before moving to Hong Kong in his late teens. Shahlavi eventually transformed into a well-sought after kung fu star and transitioned to Hollywood where he had bit parts in Riddick, 300 and Blade 3. He also had supporting roles opposite Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy.

Shahlavi appeared in the pilot for Arrow, and Stephen Amell, lead actor in the series, tweeted out his condolences:

No matter how tough you are, you can’t outrun trains or beat addiction. This has been a public service announcement. Now, go look at some tits.

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9 years ago

You said, “look at some tits,” but that link sent me to pictures of some teenage boy with some apparently unfortunate prolactin elevations.