Nikki Lund Surfs in a Bikini and Why, Oh Why, Didn’t It Fall Off

The Malibu surf wasn’t strong enough to rip off Nikki Lund’s top. Damn you wind! Blow harder!! The fashion designer Nikki Lund had no problems with the weather at the beach the other day. Look at her gallivanting towards the ocean with her perfectly sun-ripened body and well-shaped curves. She even showers awesomely. Richie Sambora, guitarist for Bon Jovi, sure lucked out. Oh, you didn’t know? They’re dating and Lund had amazing things to say about him. From Page Six:

“He’s amazing in bed,” Lund, 32, said of the Bon Jovi rocker on “The Playboy Morning Show” Tuesday. “He’s an amazing f—k. Yea, he’s amazing.”

“How could you stay away from the guy?” exclaimed Lund before refusing to say they are an exclusive couple. “I am saying he’s amazing in bed … leave it at that. He’s got a really amazing d—k.”

Well la dee da. An amazing dick attached to some big-time rock star. Pssh..Would she settle for a mildly noteworthy penis attached to a not-so famous blogger?

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