Paris Hilton Pays $25k for Two Tiny Dogs that She’ll Probably Neglect

Rich people do dumb s**t. That’s the gist of this post. Paris Hilton threw away $25k on two Pomeranians so says TMZ. Hilton dropped that chump change (to her) at Betty’s Teacup Yorkies in Canada. Betty’s eyes probably lit up when Hilton walked through the door. “We eatin’ steak tonight!” she likely squealed to her family.

Hilton bought a 3-month old, 6 oz. pooch for herself and a 12 oz., 6-month old one as a gift for her mother, Kathy. Moms likely took that dog and put it out back with all the other dogs Paris has no doubt given her. So, 6 and 12, that’s 18 right? We’re talking close to $17k per pound of dog. Yikes.

Just another dumb dog owner who thinks dogs are accessories. You’ll see her schlepping the new Pomeranian around in her Hermes bag for a bit before she gets tired of it. Then Wonky Eye will move onto something else that glitters and catches that wonky eye of hers.

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