‘The Price is Right’ Contestants Guess $7,500 for an iPhone. No, Just No

These two contestants either just froze on national TV or have no concept of modern technology and value. Both get asked by Drew Carey to guess the price of an iPhone 6 with one year unlimited talk and text. The first lady throws out $7,500 which let’s stop for a second. Has she never seen a TV or print ad? Does she have zero idea how to judge prices?

The next dude follows the first lady along and using that big brain of his, throws out $7,501. Right about now, both should be escorted off the premises and into an Apple store. Or maybe flip through some Best Buy ads because they just fucked up. Actual retail price: $1,969.

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Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel
9 years ago

No I’m better sure retards who use iPhone would pay that price