Selena Gomez Is With Zedd Now

Selena Gomez seems to have cast aside the Great White Twink and moved on to hit EDM DJ/producer Zedd. Rumors that the two are together started when Zedd posted a pic of him Skyping with a barely clothed Gomez in bed. Dick pic not included.

This was followed by reports that the two were “cozy” at a restaurant in Atlanta, GA on Saturday. A source who won’t mind their own business told E!, “Selena and Zedd were definitely cozy and cuddling in the booth.”

The same day, Selena posted a photo of herself in Zedd’s arms inside an elevator. She captioned the pic with, “Hint #2 #iwantyoutoknow.” It’s unclear what she wants us to know but if this was directed at Justin Bieber, she probably wants him to know he grabbed her tit.

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