Sia Apologizes for Pedophilia-ish Video Featuring Shia LaBeouf

People ain’t cool with Sia’s newest video. “Elastic Heart” shows Shia LaBeouf in his underwear and 12-year old actress and Dance Moms star, Maddie Ziegler, in a leotard crawling towards each other, Maddie climbing atop Shia and spinning around, Shia petting her hair and lots of twirling among other spastic movements.

Some people called Sia out for making a video more suited towards Stephen Collins than the listening public. Dance Mom Cathy Nesbitt-Stein says she “nearly threw up” over the “vile” video. But did she throw up in her mouth…Random twitterers called it pedophilia porn.

Sia wants people to know she’s heard their complaints. And they can suck deez nuts! Well, she didn’t say that out loud. She just went on Twitter to apologize:

Pssh..Apologizing on Twitter? She should sit in a quiet room like Shia and let people publicly flog her. That’s what a true artist would do.

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9 years ago

She should be held accountable for putting a defenseless young girl in a cage with an actual cannibal.

9 years ago

Well..this is what happens when people try so hard to be “PC”…pretty much negates all artistic thought…