Taylor Swift Hacked

Taylor Swift is THE It girl now. Young, talented…doable. To answer your other question, yes, we sure do want her nude photos. One hacker broke into Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts and threatened just that. Via Page Six:

The “Shake It Off” singer’s social media accounts got hacked Tuesday, and the miscreants claiming credit have threatened to release nude photos of the pop star, which she says don’t exist.

On Tuesday morning, two tweets went out from the 25-year-old’s Twitter account, telling her more than 51 million followers to follow users @lizzard and @veriuser

@lizzard and @verisuer purportedly belong to “The Lizard Squad”, a group that claims to have hacked into Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation. So, basically, the hacker wanted a shout out. Oook.

Swift just shook it off, posting a couple of tweets about it later, saying “Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack…” and also laughing off any nudes that could exist.

She did have amazingly…boring DMs leaked between her and Nick Jonas, among other people.

She jokingly asks if she and Jonas meet up and play cards, if that makes them bad kids. Boooring. Where’s the conversations about anal beads? Whatevs. Swift looks as exciting as her cat-petting photos make her out to be. Although, we hold out for that 1% freaky side that makes out with models and maybe does much more.

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