Terminally Ill Eminem Fan Dies a Day After Meeting Eminem

Newsflash: Eminem has a heart. When he’s not wanting to rape Iggy Azalea or punch Lana del Rey in the face, the guy reaches out to his true fans. Gage Garmo, a 17-year old Rochester Hills, Michigan kid, battled bone cancer for three years, before it got totally worse last week. At that point, doctors only gave him one week to live. Crap. He made one final wish: to meet his idol, Eminem.

His friends and family started the hashtag, #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem. It worked. Em met up with Gage at his home and stayed for an hour chopping it up. The Detroit Free Press reported:

“Gage sat up with a grin on his face,” said Rainbow Connection’s Ingrid Todt, on hand as Eminem arrived at the Garmo home. “His family hadn’t seen their son do that in such a long time.”…

The visit was ultimately arranged by Rainbow Connection, which works to grant wishes to Michigan children with life-threatening illnesses…

Looking on were Gage’s mom, dad and younger sister in a moment that was “very special and very quiet at the same time,” said Todt, Rainbow Connection’s wish director.

“It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen,” she said. “The stars aligned, and Gage’s wish came true.”

Well…that’s sad. Cancer sure is a bitch. Even Kim Kardashian shouldn’t get cancer. Maybe a case of terrible diarrhea, but never cancer.

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