Train Kills Popular Fitness Model Shooting Video on Tracks

Cover model Greg Plitt was killed when a train struck him on Saturday afternoon. Plitt appeared on Bravo’s show, Work Out, and also graced hundreds of fitness magazine covers. The accident occurred in Burbank, California, on tracks used by the city’s Metrolink.

Plitt had filmed a 2013 fitness video on railroad tracks. It shows Plitt setting a timer and then performing push-ups on the tracks. He is also shown lifting a weighted barbell while standing on train tracks in what appears to be Burbank. In another segment, Plitt performs box jumps as a Metrolink train passes behind him.

Plitt graduated from West Point and was a former U.S. Army Ranger. Damn. Somewhere, a snuff film exists because TMZ says two men were filming Plitt at the time of the accident. Additionally, “One passenger reportedly said Plitt had a camcorder in his hands when he stumbled over the tracks.”

That could be the biggest clue right there. Who in the world uses a camcorder anymore? The odd contraption in his hands may have distracted Plitt and prevented him from  hearing the train’s blaring horns.

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