Travis Barker to Shanna Moaklar: ‘If I Could, I’d Put A Bullet In Your Head’

Trouble in paradise for exes Travis Barker and Shanna Moaklar. Both have a love/hate relationship judging by all times they break up and get back together. Things appear really bad this time though. Criminally bad. From TMZ:

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler were handcuffed and thrown in the back of squad cars for making criminal threats against each other … she claimed he threatened to kill her, and he claimed she threatened him right back.

On December 7, the two got into a verbal fight over a reality show Travis wants to do with their 2 kids.  It’s surprising, but the former couple STILL live under the same roof.

According to the docs — which were filed by Shanna so the family could be evaluated for a possible custody change — Travis said, “If I could, I’d put a bullet in your head.”  She then called the cops, who came to their L.A. home. Travis then told cops Shanna threatened to have her boyfriend come and beat him up.

Moaklar told the cops Barker started having mood swings from using pain medications. His use began after his plane crash in 2008 that also killed DJ AM. According to Moaklar, he’d say “F**k you bitch”, call her a “fucking piece of garbage” and a “cigarette smoking, coke-snorting bitch”. Ahh, so he whispered sweet nothings to her.

Barker also told Moaklar in an e-mail “My poor kids have a whore for a mom.” This probably is the reason Barker never wrote the lyrics for Blink 182.

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