Willow Smith’s Fake Topless Photo Drives Internet Crazy

Willow Smith joined Miley Cyrus in the Free the Nipple campaign. Miley got away with it and bared her breast. Problem: Willow Smith isn’t 18 and child pornography is still illegal. So, how does Smith reveal┬ásome nipple? By wearing a graphic t-shirt showing bare breasts and nipples, and posting it to Instagram.

#Vfiles #willowsmith

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The Internet got their panties in a bunch, calling it controversial, ‘crazy’ and eyebrow raising. At least child services aren’t coming out this time. Last year, Smith Instagrammed her 13-year old self cuddling in bed with a 20-year old. Totally normal by the way. *sarcasm* Since Smith declared her ability to change the concept of time, perhaps she can speed it up and hit age 18. Then, she can really get that music career going by going truly topless. Not that we want that.

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