Beyonce’s Untouched Photos Leak and Halloween Arrived Early

Try erasing these photos off the Internet, Beyonce! Queen B keeps a tight lid on her image so she must be going HULK MAD over these leaked photos. They come from her 2013 L’Oreal campaign and turns out, she needs a ton of their makeup.

Beyonce’s got some serious acne going on, those frown lines look like treasure maps and Jay-Z must spend hours picking debris from her neck folds. Her face also looks like an ant. Cindy Crawford will likely tell her to embrace her true body though. This ain’t good, Jay-Z and Beyonce gonna stomp out the Internet now.

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9 years ago

Beyoncé still looks beautiful, and her face is basically perfect. She’s under heavy lights and almost theatrical makeup because it’s a photoshoot. It’s hard to look good under those conditions, and she still does. I liked to see a close-up picture of you under the same circumstances. Who gives a damn about her wanting a few bad pics off the internet. Her PR team wasn’t rude about it and just made a request. You act like you never deleted bad pictures from your phone that only a few people would see. You sound extremely jealous.