Bruce Jenner Underinsured at Time of Crash, Risks Losing Everything

Poor Bruce Jenner. Spends his whole life wanting to be a woman, things are looking up for him with his transition, then he crashes his car which causes someone to die and tries to cover it up. Now comes word he was too cheap to buy enough insurance to cover such an accident. Someone’s having a bad month. Look on the bright side Bruce. You’re guaranteed to get fucked.

A source close to the investigation exclusively reveals to that the former Olympic champion only had insurance coverage up to $250,000, leaving him in a precarious position if the crash victims or loved ones of the woman killed in the accident decide to sue.

“It’s absolutely crazy that someone who has his kind of money would risk everything by not having higher rates of protection,” says the insider.

Jenner’s only hope now is to quickly force his transformation to a woman, assume a new name and identity and argue Bruce? Bruce who? There’s no Bruce here. I’m…Bruce..alina.

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