Coke-Snorting, Heroin-Injecting Statues Welcome This Weekend’s Oscars

Here’s someone who really gets Hollywood and the whole Oscars deal. The awards show fills up your TV screen this Sunday. Every star will put on their best tux or dress, slap on a new face, inject a few fillers in those crevices called wrinkles and make their way to the Dolby Theatre for a massive handjob. The real fun starts afterwards though. Hookers, blow, animal sex and oh, the Vanity Fair party.

One artist called Plastic Jesus put up the Oscar statues that got rejected somehow.

LA-based street artist Plastic Jesus installed a giant Academy Award statue snorting cocaine on Hollywood Boulevard on Friday that has since been taken down. In case you were to blown away by the subtlety of this piece, there is a plaque at the statue’s base that reads “Hollywood’s best party.”

The bent-over snorting cocaine Oscar. The heroin-injecting Oscar.

Zac Efron took one look at the cocaine-snorting Oscar and immediately dropped down to do some lines. Meanwhile, Aaron Rogers pushed Olivia Munn aside, unzipped his pants and slowly walked up behind it.

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