Couple Have Sex in Subway While Woman Holds Baby

Parents…not everyone should be them. One guy and his lovely gal in New Zealand let their horniness overtake their common sense as they went at it in the subway. Which is fine except for that pesky baby strapped to the woman’s chest.

The lovers, who both work at New Zealand’s Marsh insurance firm, based in Christchurch, were enjoying each other’s company after dark – but made the error of leaving the lights on, allowing people to film the scene.

The couple continue romping before being stopped by a member of the public who kicks the man in a bid to stop the public indecency.

The shocking footage then shows the woman turning round – to reveal a child strapped to her front.

Perfect response by the woman when the guy stops banging her. “Heyyy!!” As if someone didn’t realize they had a baby glued to their chest. Baby, what baby? Ohhh, this. How did this get here??

Video is NSFW.

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9 years ago

The only reason to have a problem with this is if you’re jealous that things like that never happen to you.