Hide Your Drinks, Bill Cosby Says ‘I’m Far from Finished’

Bill Cosby sure has a lot of resolve. Even with all the women accusing him of drugging them and sexually assaulting them, the comedian intends to keep on keeping on (raping women, allegedly). Cosby wrote in a statement:

“Dear Fans: For 53 years you have given me your love, support, respect and trust. Thank you! I can’t wait to see your smiling faces and warm your hearts with a wonderful gift – LAUGHTER. I’m ready!”

Uh huh. The wonderful gift of roofies?

Cosby also thanked the fans and staff at the Heymann Performing Arts Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, for refusing to kowtow to the mass demonstrations his performances generate.

“I thank you, the theatre staff, the event organizers and the Lafayette Community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment. Hey, Hey, Hey – I’m far from finished.”

Man, this guy. Translate this message and it reads “you can’t ever stop me from drugging and raping people, so bite me.”

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Juggling For A Cure
Juggling For A Cure
8 years ago

One would be safer having a drink with Bill Cosby than some of the people telling tales. An example is Cosby accuser P.J. Masten, a former Playboy bunny. Masten joined in sexual abuse accusations against Marv Albert in the 1990s, and was represented by Gloria Allred. Masten accused Albert of biting and assaulting her after Albert had already been accused of biting and assualting another woman. Even Marv Albert’s original accuser Vanessa Perhach accused Masten of joining in the allegations only “for the money.” Source: “Histories of Several Cosby Accusers Cast Doubt on Tales.” By Patrick Howley. The Daily Caller,… Read more »

Teresa Ganim
Teresa Ganim
8 years ago

Was Chuck Liddle raped by Bill Cosby or did he forget innocent until proven guilty it may surprise the media but the statement was written months ago he releases them to the few towns remaining on the tour. The name of the tour was established in early 2014. Do some journalism the media is beyond dead