Iggy Azalea’s Twitter Beef With Papa John’s Over Leaked Phone Number

Looks like Papa John’s can’t count on Iggy Azalea for any endorsements. Azalea ordered some pizza before hitting up the Grammys which would’ve been fine until she started receiving random texts.

Some dude got Iggy’s number from his brother who delivered pizza to her. Not only that, he wanted her to call back and let him know it was really her. That takes balls. Waaay ballsier than asking for an autograph. Everyone can’t be like Taylor Swift, hand delivering gifts to fans or throwing money at debt-ridden fans.

Iggy didn’t take too kindly to having some stalker fan hitting her up. Azalea complained to Papa John’s but do you think they did anything about it?

The manager of Papa John’s offered to give her ‘updates’ on the situation. Oh gee, thanks. How about a free pizza and a smack in the face while you’re at it.

Azalea then requested pictures of the pizza driver, but the manager turned her down. Oh, the sweet irony.

Azalea should tweet Peyton Manning. That’s who really runs Papa John’s, doesn’t she know that? Azalea isn’t letting this die anytime soon though. She sent a bunch of tweets threatening a lawsuit and questioning their professionalism.

Papa John’s, the first pizza place that has customers on speed dial and not the other way around.

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