It’s White and Gold, God Dammit

So you know that dress? White and gold. Actually, the white has a tint of blue. I don’t know what all you crazy blue and black people are talking about. Wired went into the science of the color and discussed color differentiation between people concluding that the dress is actually black and blue. Haha, nice try, losers. It’s white (tinted blue) and gold. They ran it through Photoshop to get the RGB values and pretty much confirmed it. The actual color of the dress is probably blue and black, but the picture is obviously not that. So suck it.

Here’s a few people who are wrong.

All you people in the blue and black camp can be comforted by the fact Jaden Smith sees it the same as you.

By the way, I know the dress is actually black and blue but the picture isn’t. So there.

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9 years ago

Are you blind? There’s no white there you idiot