Justin Bieber Pelted with Eggs

Comedy Central released a new commercial for the upcoming Justin Bieber roast. Basically, it features a bunch of eggs thrown at his body. *twirls finger* Why eggs you say? Via Rolling Stone:

The clip pays tribute to one of Bieber’s more childish outbursts from the past few years: A 2014 incident in which the then-19-year-old singer dealt with a neighbor’s complaints about his loud parities and reckless driving by egging his house. Bieber ultimately pleaded no contest to one count of misdemeanor vandalism and was sentenced to five days of community service. The singer also was forced to attend an anger management program and pay $80,900 restitution to the neighbor.

Not even one to the face? Make this boob cry we say. Although, the guy did actually do something good lately. Fucker.

Anyway, this Comedy Central roast better bring this little man to tears or those comics should turn in their comedian cards.

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