Justin Bieber Turning Over His Douchey Leaf

Justin Bieber’s rehabilitation begins one step at a time. Whether at the urging of his PR people or to the non-cynical, his own motives (gasp!), Bieber actually did something a bit…nice…for once.

Bieber was eating at the Comfort Diner in NYC when he noticed a few officers eating next to him … so when it came time to pay up, Justin coughed up the dough for their tab — around $200.

The officers walked over and thanked Bieber for hooking them up … then snapped a pic — which Justin posted on Shots — so they could prove to their family the whole thing actually went down.

Oh wait, Bieber posted this on Shots, his own Instagram-like service he invested in. That explains it. Shots needed content and what better way to get publicity for it then a stunt like this. That little fucker.

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8 years ago

So, he sucked 5 dicks that day.