Kim Jong Un’s Awe-Inspiring New Haircut and Trimmed Eyebrows

It takes time for fashion to hit North Korea. Right about now, they’re up to the 1980s. At least judging from their esteemed leader, Kim Jong Un’s new haircut. Jong Un brings back Kid n’ Play with a inches high, up-combed ‘do in the shape of a block. Blockhead if you will. The guy also trimmed his eyebrows into tiny little Hitler moustaches. Dictators gonna dictate. Don’t blame his barber though. Whoever cut this probably knew it would suck, but feared the gulags if he refused.

Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame saw the striking resemblance to his own gelled up ‘do and tweeted out “Kim Jong Un #NumberOneFan of @DJPaulyD”.

Pauly D and Kim Jong Un. If you thought Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea was mind-blowing, North Korea might break off into the sea if Pauly D ever set foot there.

(Image: KCNA Watch)

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