Kim Kardashian Licks Boogers Out Of Kanye’s Nostrils

When is it love? When you can smell your significant other’s farts and be intrigued. When they wake up and you aren’t shocked by what you see. Or in Kim Kardashian’s case, when you extract boogers out of Kanye’s nose with your tongue. Kim put up a pic on Instagram and hashtagged it “#KimKAllDay”. Which if you read it really fast, reads “#KinkAllDay”, a hashtag that would actually fit really well also.


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In other news, Kanye went to Nando’s to grab a burger and fries ahead of his Brit Awards performance. And as Kanye does, he jumped up on a table because that kid needs attention. Attention is like water to him. Without it, he’d shrivel up and die.

To whomever didn’t know what a Kanye was, it looked like a cult gathering with some random black guy on a table and people yelling ‘Yeezus’ below.

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