Kristen Wiig Does Weird, Interpretative Dance for Sia’s Grammy Performance

Sia still refuses to show her face in performances. This time, she had Kristen Wiig stand-in and interpretative dance while she sang “Chandelier” at the Grammys. Who knew Wiig was so multi-talented? One of the best performers on SNL, just landed a lead role in the new Ghostbusters reboot and now, a fun person to have at parties. If conversation dies, just have Wiig get up and dance.

Sia won for Best Video of the Year. Not for the “Elastic Heart” video which featured Shia LaBeouf and his take on modern dance expression, and also, pedophilia. Yea, pedophilia. That video caused all sorts of controversy. At the Grammys, it was just Wiig and some tiny child dancer stripped to their leotards and jumping into each other’s arms. Umm, yea. Modern dance makes no sense.

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